Stud Rail Now ICC Compliant!

Not just any manufacturer can go out and get an ICC certification of compliance — doing so for Stud Rail DSA required resources and dedication.

SureBuilt was up to the task — Stud Rail has been thoroughly evaluated and is now ICC compliant.

The stated mission of the ICC Evaluation Service is to perform “technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials,” so this compliance establishes a baseline for quality with the following benefits:

  • Trust – The ICC, a neutral organization, provides an independent, third-party validation. This proves the product is compliant with codes and standards nationwide.
  • Education – The ICC compliance can reduce the specification approval process on each project, helping distributors quickly identify and propose the correct product solution.

  • Credibility – An ICC technical staff member evaluates data, such as raw material properties and performance testing, in addition to a manufacturing process review, to ensure compliance.

You can propose Stud Rail DSA with even greater confidence. Download the Stud Rail brochure, send us a set of plans or call your SureBuilt representative for more information.


Proudly manufactured in the United States of America (Bellwood, IL