SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories is a US manufacturer of concrete construction products, including form tieshandset formsbar supportshoringpost shoresStud RailStayboxtilt-up hardwareprecast hardware and pipe braces. With locations in Chicago, Tampa, Houston and Los Angeles, SureBuilt supplies independent dealers and their contractor customers throughout North America.

The SureBuilt™ Legacy

Known as Universal Form Clamp, then as Universal Building Products, and most recently as SureBuilt, concrete forming products have been made at the Bellwood, IL location for almost 40 years. With more than 320,000 square feet under roof, there has been room to change and grow.

These concrete forming products have been shipped to independent dealers and distributors, for resale and delivery to contractors, throughout North America, and at times internationally. There has always been a preference to work with local people who know local markets, not corporate entities.

A history of being privately-owned, established a culture of being responsive to customer needs, not shareholder demands. These needs include product design, application engineering, dealer financing, private labeling, marketing support, and reliable shipping.

About 25 key individuals, each with 20+ years of experience and a personal association with the owner, manage daily operations and demonstrate this commitment to customer responsiveness.

And it doesn’t stop there. We always seem to be installing new equipment and updating existing work cells, making the ongoing “Made In USA” mission even more efficient, effective and competitive.

Find out for yourself why we’re manufacturing and shipping more SurePlyTM forming, more SureLoadTM shoring, more Pipe Braces, more Snap Ties, and more concrete forming accessories than ever before.

Main Office
SureBuilt – Chicago

840 South 25th Ave.
Bellwood, IL 60104
Phone: (708) 493-9569

SureBuilt – Houston
301 W. Foxshire Lane
Houston, TX 77053
Phone: (713) 413-4134

SureBuilt – Tampa
1851 Massaro Blvd
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: (813) 606-5727
Fax: (813) 639-8419

SureBuilt – Los Angeles
130 N. Gilbert Street
Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: (714) 871-9434
Fax: (714) 871-9661