Formwork Design

SureBuilt has a team of engineers specializing in the creation of drawings and layout plans for any project using a SureBuilt concrete forming system. The engineering team draws up plans to suit your job-specific requirements. This enhances your productivity when using SureBuilt forming systems and helps you accomplish project goals.

SureBuilt concrete forming systems include:

  • SurePly™ (Typical handset system for vertical concrete)
  • SureCore™ (Self-riser forming system for high-rise construction)
  • SureCurve™ RC (Radius system for curved walls and round tanks)

Tilt-Up Panel Design

In response to an increasing demand for tilt-up products in recent years, SureBuilt has added tilt-up panel engineering services. Our tilt-up engineering department is headquartered at the SureBuilt facility in Tampa.

Tilt-Up Engineering Services include:

  • Panel lifting and bracing layouts
  • Rebar detailing (or other reinforcement steel)
  • Shop drawings
  • Architectural drawings

Stud Rail Design (DSA Shear Reinforcement)

The SureBuilt Engineering Team also provides take-offs and shop drawings for Stud Rail DSA Reinforcement, typically used in slab-to-column and floor connections to resist punching shear in the slab. Stud Rail DSA Reinforcement distribute concentrated loads throughout a concrete slab and create larger shear areas around the columns where they are placed.

Staybox Design (Rebar-Dowel Bar Key Way)

This two-piece system is a pre-engineered and pre-assembled rebar keyway assembly that simplifies forming at wall and deck intersections. Staybox is made in two halves from plain steel or galvanized sheet metal per customer requirement. SureBuilt can fabricate the rebar in almost any shape required.

Concrete Form System Renovation Service

SureBuilt offers a complete Concrete Form Renovation Service. We can repair your damaged equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new set. A dedicated renovation department is fully-equipped to inspect and recondition your concrete form systems to original specifications and appearance.

Form Renovation can be performed on most steel-frame, plywood-face, handset systems, including the Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite, Symons Steel-Ply and SureBuilt SurePly™ brands.

Form Renovation includes the following standard operations:

  • Remove plywood from frames
  • Inspect and sort frames
  • Spot-weld frames (incidental, only as needed)
  • Shot-blast frames
  • Paint frames (12 standard color options available)
  • Install new face in frames
  • 1/2” Birch plywood
  • 1/2” HDO plywood
  • alkus® panel
  • Or your preferred choice of material

Form Renovation does not include:

  • Inbound or outbound freight charges
  • Replacement crossmembers, end rails, handles, etc.
  • Additional welding at hourly rate

Shoring Renovation Service

In addition to concrete form renovation, we also offer renovation service options for shoring, scaffolding, and other similar systems.

Shoring Renovation includes:

  • Repairing damaged welds on your equipment makes it safer to use
  • Shot-blasting removes old paint, and cleans the metal
  • Baked-on powder coat leaves a durable and weather-resistant finish

Shoring Renovation does not include:

  • Inbound or outbound freight charges
  • Replacement component parts
  • Additional welding at hourly rate