Self-Riser Climbing Formwork System

High-rise cores quickly take shape with the SureCore™ Self-Riser, a crane-free and pain-free approach to elevator and stairwell core forming.

The Self-Riser Core System is a cost-effective core forming method, reducing labor, and increasing productivity. This system allows core formwork to be lifted without a crane. Simply flipping a few switches moves the entire assembly, including platforms, plus interior and exterior formwork, up another story.

Hydraulic cylinders lift the grid beams, working platforms, placing boom, interior forms, and exterior forms. During that time, the crane is available for other important tasks.

When the system is used with specially designed. Stripping Corners, no corner reassembly is required on the interior form. The amount of stripping space required can be as little as one inch and the core system will still rise smoothly.

Cores can be poured simultaneously with the slab or advance ahead of the floor construction.

The high load capacity of the gantry platform provides a large storage area for small equipment, tool chests, and other materials on top of the advancing core.

Placing the concrete from the working platform through the SureBuilt Upper Deck Grate, rather than hinged hatches atop the core, provides safer working conditions.

The use of Taper Ties and Walers means no forming hardware is sacrificed, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The SureCore Self-Riser System allows you to construct high-rise cores faster and more efficiently than other conventional core forming construction methods.

High-rise cores quickly take shape with the SureBuilt Self-Riser Core climbing formwork system
SureCore Self-Riser Concrete Formwork System for high rise construction
Climbing Formwork System - Self-Riser - Downtown Chicago