HD Loop Ties

HD Loop Ties are used with Wedge Bolts to connect and secure adjacent modular form panels. HD Gang Loop Ties available.

X-Flat Ties

X-Flat Ties are commonly used in residential and commercial concrete forming scenarios that do not require a 1” break-back.

Base Ties

Base Ties are used in conjunction with Base Tie Bolts, typically in forming situations where “Steel-Ply style” concrete forms are set up against an existing concrete , masonry, bricks wall or similar structure.

TieLock System

“Self-Centering” Loop Ties set the wall thickness by pressing up against inside (face) of the wood forms with cones, allowing a clean break-back during stripping.

Aluminum Form Ties

Full and nominal size Aluminum Form Ties compatible with Wall-Ties, Western Forms, and Precise style concrete forming equipment.


Resi Ties for 1-1/8″ Plywood or “Resi Ply” forming systems available. Compatible with Advance and Duraform-style formwork. Resi Ties and 1-1/8″ systems are commonly used in residential construction to shape concrete foundations.

Snap Ties

Long End, Short End, and Odd End Snap Ties for plywood forming. Available with 1″ x 1″ cones (plastic),  washers (metal) and water resistant seal options.

Coil Ties

2-Strut and 4-Strut, Standard and Heavy-Duty capacity Coil Ties, designed for job-built plywood forming.

Heavy Forming Ties

Taper Ties, She-Bolts, Inner Rods, Coil Rod, Euro Rod, 15mm Ties, Wing Nuts, Flat Washers & Hardware

Heavy Concrete Forming Accessories - Euro Threaded Taper Ties, Plate Washes, Wing Nuts
SureBuilt She Bolts and Inner Tie Rods for Heavy and Medium Concrete Formwork