SureLoad™ Shoring

This shoring and deck support system is designed for an optimum strength-to-weight ratio, with a tested rating of 10K leg. The system components include frames, screw jacks, crossbraces, U-heads and coupling pins. The frame heights are 3’,4’, 5’ and 6’, and the widths are 2’ and 4’. The system is quickly assembled and easily reconfigured for a wide range of shoring and deck support applications.

Post Shores

Post Shores can be used for supporting deck joists or reshoring existing structures. The Post Shore 350 ranges in usable height from 6’-5” to 11’-5” with a safe working load of 9,000 lbs. The Post Shore 550 ranges in usable height from 11’-0” to 18’-0” with a safe working load from 9,000 to 4,900 lbs. A telescoping tube provides the rough height adjustment, in 3” increments, using a captured pin. A threaded collar provides the fine height adjustment, in a 4” range, using a pivoting handle. The Post Shore also includes a Quick-Release feature so the Post Shore can be removed, relocated and reused.

SPAN-X Beams

The SPAN-X Beam consists of an aluminum box shape with a telescoping I-beam that provides a wide range of adjustment. A single Nut sets the beam length and End Tabs support the beam and loads during construction.

This self-spanning support can be positioned along the top of a concrete wall, shelf angle or stringer. The clear span provides a more accessible work space underneath, reducing conflict between trades. SPAN-X Beams have been used for box culverts, shaft core roofs, water channels and other concrete deck support.

10K Shoring Jobsite Photo - Concrete Deck Support
Shoring - SureBuilt Post Shores
SPAN-X Hico Aluminum Telescoping Beam - Shoring