Taper Ties and Hardware

Taper Ties are used in forming situations where the ties are completely removed from the concrete after the pour has cured. Commonly used with gangform systems, Taper Ties enable contractors to efficiently assemble and strip formwork.

Taper Ties are squared-off at each end, allowing the tie to be turned with a wrench during the removal process. The tie can also be struck on the squared-off end of the smaller side with a hammer for removal from the gangform and wall.

She-Bolts and Inner Rods

She-Bolts are heavy duty, reusable forming ties used for medium and heavy concrete forming applications. She-Bolts are used in combination with an Inner Rod or Coil Rod cut-to-length on the job site.

The expendable Inner Rod joins two She-Bolts to create the form tie assembly. A Flat Washer and Wing Nut placed on the threaded end transfers the concrete load to the walers.

Euro Ties and Hardware

Standard 15mm and 20mm threaded ties are compatible with European-style forming systems and designed for fast gangforming. Each end of the tie is threaded to the same diameter so the Wing Nut works on either end. Taper Ties, She-Bolts and Inner Rods are available in sizes to meet project specifications.

Butt Plate Walers

The Butt Plate Waler is one of the most popular waler designs. Double 6” steel channel has 13/16” holes for 3/4” bolts, spaced on 6” centers for waler attachment hardware. The channels are positioned back-to-back and separated by a 3” gusset or spacer sleeve. The 1/2”x9”x9” steel plates have holes for end connections so different waler lengths can be combined. Butt Plate Walers are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths.

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