Snap Tie System

Job-built forming with 3/4” plywood, 2×4 lumber, Snap Ties and Jahn-style Brackets is popular on many construction sites. Though only a few components are required, time and labor is necessary to plan, mark, cut and drill the plywood.

Short-end (SE) Snap Ties are available for single waler applications. Long-end (LE) Snap Ties are available for waler/strongback combinations. Odd-end (OE) Snap Ties are available for forming with a single waler on one side and waler/strongback combination on the other side.

TieLock™ System

A self-centering loop tie and TieLock Bracket, with 3/4” plywood as the form face and 2×4 lumber as the waler, creates an economical concrete forming system.

The self-centering tie sets the wall dimension, sits flush up against the plywood face, and breaks back cleanly within the plastic cone.

Typical tie spacing is 16”x24” for most concrete walls. The TieLock Bracket hooks the tie loop, while securely holding the 2×4 lumber walers. A Strongback Bracket hooks onto the TieLock Bracket when needed.

Pencil Rod and Clamps

Rod Clamps are used with 1/4″ Pencil Rod to tie forming units together. The rod is “pinched” by a set screw or lever clamp. The Rod Clamp plate has nail holes for form/waler attachment.

Pencil Rod is most commonly used in battered walls and foundations with changing dimensions where fixed length ties are not practical. Pencil Rod is simple and economical when surface appearance and clean breakback are not essential.

Pencil Rod is available in 1/4″ diameter, or cut to 10′ or 20′ lengths. Optional coils of approximately 600 feet (100 lbs.) are also available.

Coil Ties

The 2-Strut and 4-Strut designs, in standard and heavy-duty capacities, are designed for job-built plywood forming. The coil ties are resistance-welded for reliable performance and safety. Coil Ties are available with optional cones, waterseals, galvanized finish or custom specification on request. Other related products include Coil Rod, Coil Nuts, Coil Nut Washers, Flat Washers and Coil Bolts.

SureBuilt Snap Ties and JAHN "A" & "C" Clamps
Self Centering Loop Tie and Cam Lock Bracket for forming concrete with plywood
SureBuilt Pencil Rod and Clamps for Concrete Forming
SureBuilt Concrete Formwork Coil Ties