Stud Rail Reinforcement

Stud Rail is a double-headed stud anchor (DSA) reinforcement system, typically used for concrete deck-to-column connections. The system is designed to transfer the load further into the concrete deck, create a larger shear area around the column, and resist punching shear forces.

Using the Stud Rail system can also eliminate the need for forming column capitals or drop heads. This provides significant savings, since these column details are difficult to form and place.

Each stud is double-headed so the load transfer is equal at the top and bottom of the Stud Rail assembly. Each stud is available in different sizes to match the engineered loads for each project.

The Stud Rail assembly is available with an optional bottom strap or top wire, allowing the contractor to determine the installation sequence. The assembly can be positioned before or after structural reinforcement and/or post-tension tendons are placed. The Stud Rail assembly is engineered for every connection, on every floor, on every project. During production, each assembly is color-coded to correspond with the shop drawings for site installation. This detailed planning eliminates field welding and reduces installation time, providing significant labor savings and better shear load transfer.

SureBuilt Stud Rail DSA Reinforcement - Javitis Center New York Construction Project