SurePly™ Handset Forming System

Symons compatible concrete formwork system - rebar capsSurePly – the most economical, most versatile, and most efficient way to form concrete!

Two 2×8 panels are equal to the contact area of a 4×8 sheet of plywood, yet the SurePly forming system can be moved, placed, tied, poured and stripped 75% faster than job-built plywood forms.

Small or large projects, simple or cut-up layouts, and handset or gangform applications, will benefit from these SurePly labor-saving features:

  • High-carbon 55,000 PSI structural steel frame
  • Rugged frame with 45% more weld than others
  • Full 2”x2” crossmember support angle every foot
  • Allowable 1,000 psf load-rated system
  • Added dado slots make step footings easy
  • Integral handle for carrying and setting
  • Baked-on powder paint in 12 optional colors
  • Long-lasting 1/2” Birch or optional HDO plywood
  • Panels in heights from 3’ to 10’, width 24”
  • Fillers in heights from 3’ to 10’, widths 1” to 22”
  • Inside corners in heights from 3’ to 10’, 6”x6” size
  • Simple hardware for faster assembly

Symons steel ply compatible handset concrete forming system - SureBuiltRugged Frame
With nearly 45% more weld contact than others, SurePly side rails, end rails and crossmembers hold up better, with far less repair, than other brands.

2” Crossmembers
Full 2” crossmembers provide 45% more plywood contact area compared to the 1-3/8” crossmember of other brands. More support reduces “pillowing” for a better finish.

Load-rated 1,000 psf System
The form, tie and hardware capacities are designed to provide an optimal strength-to-weight ratio and 1,000 psf forming system.

More Dado Slots
Four more dado slots along each side rail provides alternate tie and hardware locations – particularly valuable when stacking or “stepping” forms.

concrete wall formworkIntegral Handle
Carrying, holding and setting panels is easier and faster with the integral handle. Moving more panels means more forming productivity.

Powder Coating
The smooth, extra tough, baked-on SurePly form finish is more durable than the ordinary dip-tank painting common with other brands.

Color Options
Forms are available in a choice of 12 standard colors, which is ideal for company branding and/or identifying rental fleets. Custom colors on request.

Long-lasting Birch Plywood
All standard SurePly panels and fillers include 1/2” Birch plywood. This hardwood species and 9-ply design with 220/220 overlay provides a long-lasting form face.

HDO Plywood
1/2” HDO plywood is readily available throughout North America and often a customer preference. This optional face can be installed in panels and fillers on request.

Panel and Filler Sizes
Form layouts are quickly planned and assembled using the standard panel and filler sizes. Setting, stepping and stacking forms is more productive.

Simple Hardware
Wedge Bolts capture the form tie and adjoining siderails for a fast and simple connection. One-Piece Waler Clamps at each joint (with 2×4 lumber) provide form alignment.

Form Renovation
Renovation includes plywood removal, shot-blasting and painting. These “like-new” frames are then refaced to customer specifications.

The best symons compatible concrete forms
SureBuilt concrete formwork system

Carbon Content Makes the Difference

Did you know that steel strength and performance relies on strictly controlled carbon content? Too little carbon and steel deforms, too much carbon and steel cracks.

Imagine what happens to steel form components. Forms should not deform or break, especially when your project and reputation are on the line.

That’s why we ran independent metallurgical tests on different brands of forms. While we expected some variation, we were surprised by the substandard carbon content of imported forms.

It seems importers are merely buying forms from Asia and who-knows-where-else. You have to wonder what kind of steel goes into their production.

Here’s the difference… SureBuilt is routinely specifying and sourcing US-made 1045 steel to fabricate the best possible form components.

Click here for the Comparison Chart, then contact your SureBuilt representative for pricing, availability… and carbon content!

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