Faster Connections, No Waiting

Anchor Faster with Panel Base Connectors

The tilt-up Panel Base Connector is easy to position in the bottom edge of the form. It can be placed in either a face-up or face-down orientation depending on forming and handling preference.

The high-strength, drill-in 3/4”x10” screw-in anchor provides an immediate and secure connection when tightened. There is no grout set-up or wait time required.

The connection is centered in the concrete panel, minimizing moment and eccentric forces in the design, and resisting in-plane tension and out-of-plane shear forces.

The connection provides a nominal capacity in excess of 10 Kips for shear and tension, meeting all applicable ACI requirements.

The relatively small access area is easy to grout, providing complete embedment and encapsulation for corrosion protection.

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