Have a Seat… I Mean a Chair…

I Mean a High Chair!

When your customers need High Chairs, start with SureBuilt.Individual High Chairs for supporting reinforcement bars in concrete

We have chairs that meet almost every project spec. Just give us the quantity, size and finish so we can get started on your order.

We have sizes from 1″ to 12″, in 1/2″ increments, with any fractional height in between.

We have Plain, Plastic-Dipped or Plastic-Tipped (pictured). We can also provide an optional epoxy coating or galvanized finish.

We designed the High Chair legs to span and straddle lower bars, while “cradling” upper bars at the specified elevation.

We spot-weld the chair legs to resist bending, maintaining proper concrete cover while supporting the rebar.

Check the Price List for more information or contact your SureBuilt representative to learn about all the Bar Support products we offer.

Don’t Settle for a Tie…

Go For The Win!

We’ve been making all kinds of ties, for all kinds of concrete forming systems, for a very long time. We have all the different styles, sizes, capacities and options you need for your customers and their project requirements.SureBuilt Concrete Form Ties

And don’t forget the hardware!

We have Jahn-style Clamps, Plate Washers, Coil Nuts, Wedge Bolts, Inner Units and Euro Wing Nuts… all the things that hold the ties and forming system together.

Check the Price List for styles, sizes, capacities and options, then contact your SureBuilt representative for pricing and availability.

Done in a Snap!

With Snap Tie Forming!

Job-built forming with snap ties and plywood

Job-built forming with plywood, 2×4 lumber, Snap Ties and Jahn-style brackets, is popular on many construction sites around the country. Though only a few components are required, sufficient time and labor are necessary to plan, mark, cut and drill the plywood.

Jahn-style Waler Brackets are the preferred choice of many concrete contractors. This bracket centers and captures the tie, while supporting a 2×4 waler across the top. An “ear” plate swivels to secure the assembly for concrete placement.

Snap ties are used for job-built forming with plywood

Short-end (SE) Snap Ties are used for single 2×4 waler setups. Long-end (LE) Snap Ties are used for waler/strongback combinations. Odd-end (OE) Snap Ties are used when forming with a single waler on one side and a waler/strongback combination on the other side. All Snap Ties are made to break back below the concrete wall surface.

When long-end ties are used, the Jahn-style Strongback Bracket is needed. This bracket captures the tie, horizontal 2×4 waler and vertical 2×4 strongbacks. An “ear” plate swivels to secure the assembly for concrete placement.


Proving the Case!

Stud Rail Now ICC Compliant!

Not just any manufacturer can go out and get an ICC certification of compliance — doing so for Stud Rail DSA required resources and dedication.

SureBuilt was up to the task — Stud Rail has been thoroughly evaluated and is now ICC compliant.

The stated mission of the ICC Evaluation Service is to perform “technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials,” so this compliance establishes a baseline for quality with the following benefits:

  • Trust – The ICC, a neutral organization, provides an independent, third-party validation. This proves the product is compliant with codes and standards nationwide.
  • Education – The ICC compliance can reduce the specification approval process on each project, helping distributors quickly identify and propose the correct product solution.

  • Credibility – An ICC technical staff member evaluates data, such as raw material properties and performance testing, in addition to a manufacturing process review, to ensure compliance.

You can propose Stud Rail DSA with even greater confidence. Download the Stud Rail brochure, send us a set of plans or call your SureBuilt representative for more information.


Proudly manufactured in the United States of America (Bellwood, IL

See What You’ve Been Missing!

If you’re not following SureBuilt on LinkedIn, then you’re missing some great stories!

Just read what Chad Czerwinski, Project Superintendent at Concrete Structures of the Midwest, had to say:High-rise cores quickly take shape with the SureBuilt Self-Riser Core climbing formwork system

“Formwork coming down means we are all but finished up here in Evanston. I appreciate all the help from SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories. They never disappoint with their self-risers.”

High-rise cores quickly take shape with the Self-Riser, a “crane-free and pain-free” approach to core forming.

There’s really nothing left to add… just contact us when you have a self-riser forming project to discuss.

You can follow SureBuilt on LinkedIn, download the Self-Riser brochure or get a set of plans and contact your SureBuilt representative!


Innovative Tilt-Up from SureBuilt!

Learn More at the Tilt-Up Expo in Atlanta!

Plan on attending the TCA 2019 International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September. We’re featuring more innovative tilt-up ideas to make your projects go even faster… stop by the SureBuilt exhibit, Booth #203, to learn how things are tilting in your favor!


Slant Anchor – A unique assembly that connects panels to foundations… no welding or bolting! (U.S. Patent Pending)


Brace Bolt Insert – All-in-one design that includes the insert, bolt and locator cap… no missing hardware. (U.S. Patent Pending)


HGA Bracket – Connect helical ground anchors to braces without removing shoes… no need to disassemble braces! (U.S. Patent Pending)


SureLift (SL) Insert – High-strength lifting insert with removable plastic locator, void former and adjustable feet. (U.S. Patent Pending)


Form Bracket – Reusable and reversible support  for lumber edge forms… nail it or glue it, scrape it and stack it! (U.S. Patent Pending)


Dowel Basket – Engineered load transfer dowel/sleeve for smooth joint transition on concrete slabs. (U.S. Patent Pending)


And be sure to ask about SureBuilt Engineering Services… we’re ready to help with plans, specifications and panel details on tilt-up projects throughout North America.

Every Day is Labor Day!

Just ask Bernardo and the Crew!

We’re making handset panels at SureBuilt every day, but samples of the red, white and blue panels seemed especially appropriate for Labor Day.

The 320,000 square feet of US-based production is proof of the contributions that our employees have made to the growth, capability, strength, productivity, and well-being of the country.

Be sure to honor American workers, past and present, this Labor Day!

Christmas in August?! Why Not!?

No Gift Wrapping, Just Banding!

SurePly forms and walers powder-coated Christmas red and green, the colors of the season. It looks like contractors are ordering their presents early this year… brand new SurePly forms and Walers… in the colors of the season!

If red and green aren’t your first choice, then choose one of the other ten color options.

And no matter the color, you always benefit from the labor-saving features built into every SureBuilt forming product.

Put together your own shopping list. What are you waiting for… Christmas?!

Contact your SureBuilt representative for colors, pricing and availability.


Don’t Bail… Propose Stud Rail!

Now Color-Coded for Each Level!

Using the Stud Rail system can often eliminate the need for column capitals or drop heads. This provides significant savings, since these column details are often difficult to form and place.

Stud Rail, a double-headed stud anchor (DSA) system, is used for these deck-to-column connections. The system is designed to transfer the load into the concrete deck, create a larger shear area around the column, and resist the punching shear forces or drop heads. This provides significant savings, since these column details are often difficult to form and place.

Each stud is double-headed so the load transfer is equal at the top and bottom of the assembly. Stud Rails are available in different sizes to match the engineered loads and color-coded for each level.

If you have a multi-story project and contractor that would benefit from a Stud Rail application, then get a set of plans and contact your SureBuilt representative.

We’re Tilting Things in Your Favor!

Learn more at the Tilt-Up Expo in Atlanta!

Innovative Tilt-Up Products

We plan on being in Atlanta for the TCA 2019 International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September. And we’re featuring more innovative tilt-up products to make your projects go even faster.

Stop by the SureBuilt exhibit, Booth #203, to learn how we’re tilting things in your favor. Here are just a few of the products you’ll see:

SureLift (SL) InsertAn effective panel lifting insert that develops high pull-out strength. A disposable plastic void former identifies the cap location and keeps concrete out of the recess. Slide-on plastic feet provide height adjustment and eliminate surface corrosion.

Slant AnchorA unique assembly that connects tilt-up panels to the foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and prepackaged Flowable Grout… no welding or bolting required!.

Edge ConnectorA rebar-winged embed positioned at the panel edge (for later welding) and tied into the panel reinforcing steel… the “flat” provides for an accessible and longer welding surface between adjoining panels!

Edge Form BracketThe one-piece plastic design is molded with a triangular strut to support the panel edge during concrete placement… so stop cutting lumber for bracing  and start forming faster with this reusable bracket!

HGA BracketA quick connection point between helical ground anchors (HGA) and tilt-up braces. The Pipe Brace shoes bolt directly to the bracket and the sleeve attaches to the ground anchor… no need to disassemble Pipe Braces!

And be sure to ask about SureBuilt Engineering Services… we’re ready to help with plans,  specifications and panel details on tilt-up projects throughout North America.