When is Coil Rod not needed on a forming job?!SureBuilt Coil Threaded Rod for Concrete Forming

Coil Rod is used for a variety of forming applications, including form ties, inner units and Coil Tie combinations. So why wouldn’t you have every size in stock?! And you should probably have Euro Rod in stock, as well.

It’s one of those items contractors expect you to always have on hand because it can be used in so many different forming situations.

It’s available in standard 12′ lengths, and in all the typical diameters. It’s also available cut-to-size, with optional left-hand thread, or even galvanized.

And don’t forget, you may need Flat Washers and Coil Nuts to complete the package.

Contact your SureBuilt representative right now and add a supply of Coil Rod and Euro Rod to your next shipment.


Proudly manufactured in Bellwood, IL.