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54 Crown

Stud Rail on Every Floor!


Projects from around the country have Stud Rail as part of the concrete substructure. Shouldn’t we be featuring a job, big or small, from your market area sometime soon?!

54 Crown in Brooklyn, NY

This 17-story structure will contain 569 apartments, 182 enclosed parking spaces, around 7,500 square feet of retail space, and a 1,500-square-foot community facility.

33 Westchester Place in New Rochelle, NY

This 27-story, reinforced concrete, residential tower will contain 315 rental units.

394-405 Mother Gaston in Brooklyn, NY

This 13-story structure will contain 62 rental apartments, commercial space, community facilities, and enclosed parking for 80 vehicles.

394-405 Mother Gaston

One Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ

Twin skyscrapers with 2M square feet of residential apartments and amenities, retail space, parking garage and public green space.


Each of these projects include Stud Rail, the double-headed stud anchor (DSA) reinforcement system from SureBuilt.

Typically used for concrete deck-to-column connections, Stud Rail transfers building loads into the concrete deck, creating a larger shear area, and resisting punching shear forces.

Using the Stud Rail system can eliminate the need for column capitals or drop heads. This can provide significant savings, since these column details are difficult to form and place.

Download the Stud Rail brochure and watch for reinforced concrete high-rise projects in your area. Contact your SureBuilt representative to review potential projects and pricing.

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One Journal Square











33 Westchester Place