Job Story: Modular Braces

Saving Money Every Which Way The high-capacity Modular Brace means fewer braces for most tilt-up applications. Of course, fewer braces reduces inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time... lots of savings. But…

Why Wait for China

American products... made by American metalworkers... for American contractors! We make thousands of concrete construction products, some you already know and others you need to learn more about: Floor Dowels (new doweling systems) Stud…

No More Concrete Deadmen

Helical Ground Anchors for Better Bracing Stop by Booth #107 at the Tilt-Up Expo to learn all about SureBuilt tilt-up products, including the Helical Ground Anchor! The Helical Ground Anchor (HGA) provides an engineered alternative…

SureLift Inserts at Tilt-Up Expo

Stop by Booth #107 at the Tilt-Up Expo to learn all about the latest SureBuilt tilt-up products, including SureLift Inserts! The SureLift Insert is designed for lifting tilt-up panels. The insert develops high pull-out strength for…

You’ll be Floored

And a great floor starts with VaporStop (moisture barrier), and ends with SureFlex (concrete joint filler), including everything in between.
There’s no need to stock every possible brace when you can simply reconfigure the components using a handful of nuts and bolts.

Bigger Braces… Bigger Savings

And the Savings Don't Stop There!


We're planning to be in St. Louis for the Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September... and we're planning to feature innovative products that make your projects go even faster! [...]

From the Ground Up

Stop cutting and fumbling with lumber blocks. Start forming faster with the reusable 9x11 Edge Form Bracket. The new bracket can be nailed, screwed or glued to lumber and concrete surfaces. Brackets can be stripped, stacked, saved and reused. The one-piece, wedge-shaped plastic design braces tilt-up edge forms. The Edge Form Bracket has a 9” side for thinner slabs (9” to 11”) and a 11” side for thicker slabs (11” to 13”). Both faces of the bracket have holes for attachment. [...]
Unique anchor provides simple panel-to-foundation connection without welding or bolting

Engineer-approved… Contractor-preferred!

Approved and specified by engineers... preferred and installed by more contractors... saves up to 37% compared to typical embed methods. The Slant Anchor* connects tilt-up or precast panels to the foundation. The assembly includes the load-rated Slant Anchor, Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and pre-packaged Grout [...]
The secret to the Modular Brace is a plate-to-plate connection with four torqued bolts (min 150 ft-lbs). This turns a selection of components into a single fixed unit.

Fewer Tilt-Up Braces… More Savings!

The new Modular Brace requires 50% fewer braces for a typical tilt-up application. Of course, fewer braces reduce brace inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time. The first real tilt-up bracing innovation in fifty years... the modular design covers more sizes... the higher capacity supports larger panels... and that means savings on every job! […]