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Engineers specifying the Slant Anchor method reduce anchoring costs compared to typical embed connections.

Contractors eliminate the time-consuming embed match-up, field welding and certification steps. Panels go up faster.

Each Slant Anchor kit includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and packaged Flowable Grout to complete the installation.

When the panel is ready for lifting, the Void Former is simply removed and the connection sleeve is visible and accessible for anchoring.

Once the panel is placed and braced, a hole is drilled using the sleeve as a guide. The hole is partially grouted, the Ductile Bar inserted, and the remaining grout is used to fill the sleeve for a secure connection.

Click here for more Slant Anchor information, then contact your SureBuilt representative and start saving money.

The First Bracing Innovation in Fifty Years!

The new Modular Brace requires 50% fewer braces for a typical tilt-up application. Of course, fewer braces reduce brace inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time.

These savings are compounded when you consider all the related steps in the process. There are 50% fewer brace inserts, 50% fewer brace attachments, 50% fewer bolts, 50% fewer man-lifts, and 50% fewer shipments.

The Modular Brace savings even extend beyond the latest job once you realize the same components can be used to build different brace sizes. There’s no need to stock every brace size when you can reconfigure the components with a handful of nuts and bolts.

Click here for the Modular Brace brochure, then call SureBuilt for configurations, spacing, pricing and availability.

Take a Closer Look!

Do you see an opportunity to talk about something new with your customers?

Do you see a way to break into tilt-up construction with SureBuilt in your market?

Do you see the cost of cutting lumber blocks versus reusable brackets?

Take some samples to your customers and get the conversation startedcall within a week to order 10 sample brackets at the every day price and we’ll include 10 additional brackets at no extra charge!

Of course, there’s a limit… maximum of 30 free Edge Form Brackets for each physical dealer location(s).

The final day to take advantage of this opportunity and get free samples of this product and start selling to tilt-up concrete contractors is September 22, 2020…

Bolt Together the Brace You Need!

There’s no need to stock every possible brace size when you can simply reconfigure components using a handful of nuts and bolts.

The secret to the Modular Brace is a plate-to-plate connection with four torqued bolts (min 150 ft-lbs). This turns a selection of components into a single fixed unit.

Conventional pipe braces “telescope” to reach different lengths, but that sliding movement creates “slop” inside the sleeve and reduces capacity. That’s why you’ve had to tie up your money in a range of different sizes.

Not anymore! The plate-to-plate bolting of these patent pending modular components creates a “girder effect” that provides different sizes, while maintaining the structural integrity and load capacity. That means more brace sizes, from fewer components… and less inventory!

Now you can bolt together the brace you need, then take it apart and build something else. Start with the 40′ length, add End Connectors, and you have a 41′ Brace. Need a different size? Take off an End Connector, bolt on a 10′ length, add back the End Connector, and you now have a 51′ Brace. Need an even longer size? Add another 10′ length and have a 61′ Brace.

Click for the Modular Brace data sheet, then call SureBuilt for the configurations, spacing, pricing and availability.

The Slant Anchor assembly connects tilt-up or precast panels to the foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and pre-packaged Grout. […]

Dowel Baskets After Dark!

These Dowel Baskets are part of the new Lakeland Dragstrip Commercial Park in Florida. The basket provides the load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition needed for this 700,000 square foot project.

The site, now under construction, takes it’s name from an old drag strip that had been located on the property.

The patent-pending plastic sleeve allows movement and the steel plate provides bearing capacity, without the risk of slab interlock and cracking, to assure a high-quality slab.

Quick product availability from SureBuilt, in the size needed, made all the difference for T&T Construction, the contractor on this fast-paced project.

SureBuilt has Dowels suitable for all kinds of ground level concrete, including floors, slabs and pavements.

We’re glad to hear our 52′ Modular Braces performed when it counted most, as an earthquake hit Utah while Frontline Concrete‘s team was on site at their latest tilt-up project.

Appreciate the mention and honest feedback!

Presented by GluDown, Inc.

(Tilt-Up Construction Adhesives)

Take a Look at All the Options!

Your customers will be floored by the new dowel and joint systems for concrete slabs and pavements. Stop searching for suppliers and call SureBuilt right now!

Taper Dowels

The diamond-shape Taper Dowel provides concrete joint stability, reliable load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement. The plastic sleeve is nailed to lumber edge forms before concrete placement and the steel plate slides into the sleeve after the forms are removed.

Dowel Baskets

The Dowel Basket is a cost-effective assembly for large-scale floors and pavements. Each twelve-foot assembly is built to match the dowel spacing shown in the project specifications. The plastic sleeve allows movement and the flat plate provides maximum bearing and smooth slab-to-slab transition.

Steel Edge Nosing

High-traffic industrial floors and pavements require precise load transfer, joint stability and joint protection. These requirements are met with an assembly that includes the steel edge, studs, dowel plates and full-depth channel. The leave-in-place design eliminates conventional slab edge forming costs.

Dowel Sleeves – Construction Joint (CJ)

Positioning dowels with lumber edge forms is easy with the plastic Dowel Sleeve and Nailing Plate. The plate is simply nailed to the form and the sleeve is pushed onto the plate. When the lumber edge forms are removed, a smooth steel dowel is placed into the exposed sleeve for the adjoining concrete slab.

Dowel Sleeves – Expansion Joint (EJ)

Positioning dowels with leave-in-place expansion board, like cedar or polypropylene, is easy with this Dowel Sleeve. Expansion boards are pre-drilled for proper spacing and the sleeves are snapped into place. The integrated collar tabs keep each sleeve in position and perpendicular to the board face.

Learn More at the Tilt-Up Expo in Atlanta!

Plan on attending the TCA 2019 International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September. We’re featuring more innovative tilt-up ideas to make your projects go even faster… stop by the SureBuilt exhibit, Booth #203, to learn how things are tilting in your favor!


Slant Anchor – A unique assembly that connects panels to foundations… no welding or bolting! (U.S. Patent Pending)


Brace Bolt Insert – All-in-one design that includes the insert, bolt and locator cap… no missing hardware. (U.S. Patent Pending)


HGA Bracket – Connect helical ground anchors to braces without removing shoes… no need to disassemble braces! (U.S. Patent Pending)


SureLift (SL) Insert – High-strength lifting insert with removable plastic locator, void former and adjustable feet. (U.S. Patent Pending)


Form Bracket – Reusable and reversible support  for lumber edge forms… nail it or glue it, scrape it and stack it! (U.S. Patent Pending)


Dowel Basket – Engineered load transfer dowel/sleeve for smooth joint transition on concrete slabs. (U.S. Patent Pending)


And be sure to ask about SureBuilt Engineering Services… we’re ready to help with plans, specifications and panel details on tilt-up projects throughout North America.

Learn more at the Tilt-Up Expo in Atlanta!

Innovative Tilt-Up Products

We plan on being in Atlanta for the TCA 2019 International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September. And we’re featuring more innovative tilt-up products to make your projects go even faster.

Stop by the SureBuilt exhibit, Booth #203, to learn how we’re tilting things in your favor. Here are just a few of the products you’ll see:

SureLift (SL) InsertAn effective panel lifting insert that develops high pull-out strength. A disposable plastic void former identifies the cap location and keeps concrete out of the recess. Slide-on plastic feet provide height adjustment and eliminate surface corrosion.

Slant AnchorA unique assembly that connects tilt-up panels to the foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and prepackaged Flowable Grout… no welding or bolting required!.

Edge ConnectorA rebar-winged embed positioned at the panel edge (for later welding) and tied into the panel reinforcing steel… the “flat” provides for an accessible and longer welding surface between adjoining panels!

Edge Form BracketThe one-piece plastic design is molded with a triangular strut to support the panel edge during concrete placement… so stop cutting lumber for bracing  and start forming faster with this reusable bracket!

HGA BracketA quick connection point between helical ground anchors (HGA) and tilt-up braces. The Pipe Brace shoes bolt directly to the bracket and the sleeve attaches to the ground anchor… no need to disassemble Pipe Braces!

And be sure to ask about SureBuilt Engineering Services… we’re ready to help with plans,  specifications and panel details on tilt-up projects throughout North America.