From the Ground Up

Stop cutting and fumbling with lumber blocks. Start forming faster with the reusable 9x11 Edge Form Bracket. The new bracket can be nailed, screwed or glued to lumber and concrete surfaces. Brackets can be stripped, stacked, saved and reused. The one-piece, wedge-shaped plastic design braces tilt-up edge forms. The Edge Form Bracket has a 9” side for thinner slabs (9” to 11”) and a 11” side for thicker slabs (11” to 13”). Both faces of the bracket have holes for attachment. [...]
The secret to the Modular Brace is a plate-to-plate connection with four torqued bolts (min 150 ft-lbs). This turns a selection of components into a single fixed unit.

Fewer Tilt-Up Braces… More Savings!

The new Modular Brace requires 50% fewer braces for a typical tilt-up application. Of course, fewer braces reduce brace inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time. The first real tilt-up bracing innovation in fifty years... the modular design covers more sizes... the higher capacity supports larger panels... and that means savings on every job! […]

Here’s the Secret!

There’s no need to stock every possible brace when you can simply reconfigure the components using a handful of nuts and bolts. The patent pending brace components can be assembled into three different lengths. You'll always have the size you need and reduce your inventory at the same time. [...]
SureBuilt Heavy Duty Tilt-Up Braces

SureBuilt Tilt-Up Braces – Concrete & Coffee Podcast

We’re glad to hear our 52′ Modular Braces performed when it counted most, as an earthquake hit Utah while Frontline Concrete‘s team was on site at their latest tilt-up project. Appreciate the mention and honest feedback! Presented by GluDown, Inc. (Tilt-Up Construction Adhesives) […]

Pipe Dream?

Or Pipe Reality! Are you tired of listening to other suppliers "explain" why it takes so long to get pipe braces delivered? Do you find it hard to believe that other suppliers can be ten or more weeks out on deliveries? Stop waiting! We build…

Another Truckload of Pipe Braces is Leaving the SureBuilt Yard!

SureBuilt Tilt-Up Pipe Braces We're manufacturing and shipping more Pipe Braces than ever... make sure you reserve a slot in our production schedule so your customers never have to wait! These all-steel Pipe Braces, available in lengths…

HGA Bracket

Helical Ground Anchor (HGA) Bracket Load-rated device for quickly connecting tilt-up brace shoes to helical ground anchors. The HGA Bracket provides a simple and quick connection point between helical ground anchors and tilt-up…