You Never Heard of It? Really?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar (GFRP) is rust-proof, one-fourth the weight, and 2.5 times the tensile strength of steel reinforcement.

It doesn’t take long to imagine the savings in transportation, handling and placing costs… and that doesn’t include the enhanced jobsite safety.

GFRP is rated for, an almost unbelievable, 100+ years of service in alkaline and acidic environments… structures could last far longer.

GFRP is non-magnetic, does not conduct electricity and does not interfere with RF signals… structures don’t interfere with wireless environments.

We have the size you need, in stock and ready to ship:

#3 x 20’ GFRP Rebar

#4 x 20’ GFRP Rebar

    #5 x 20’ GFRP Rebar

all GFRP rebar complies with ASTM 7957 and ACI 440-22

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