Pick Up the Pace

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Use a Modular Brace

The high-capacity Modular Brace means 50% fewer braces for many typical tilt-up applications. Of course, fewer braces reduce brace inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time.

Here are a few other things being mentioned:

“The 42’ to 62’ Modular Brace lengths are the real “sweet spot” and make the most sense. The longer, high-capacity configuration provides the most labor savings on taller tilt-up structures.”

“Other braces on the market have a “sleeve” that slides on to make the extension. If the brace or sleeve has even a slight dent, then the sleeve gets stuck. That never happens with the Modular Brace.”

“The Modular Brace has proven to be really efficient and effective on taller tilt-up structures. The most common applications, lately, include data centers, movie studios and industrial buildings.

“The Modular Brace has a standard “triple” shoe for anchoring. If you don’t get enough capacity using a one-bolt connection, then you can use the other bolt holes to match the load.”

“Be sure to ask about the new 10-15-20 Modular Brace. A shorter length option with 25,250 lbs capacity for one-side wall forming.”

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