New Dowel Basket for Slabs!SureBuilt Dowel Basket Assembly, an engineered laod-transfer system for concrete construction joints and pavements

We know how to make ’em… and we’re making a lot of ’em… the sparks are really flying!

The new Dowel Basket provides joint stability, load transfer and slab transition, in a single cost-effective assembly. You’ll be surprised by all the sales opportunities hiding in concrete floors and pavements.

Dowel Baskets are recommended for joints up to 0.20” wide and suitable for all types of ground level concrete floors, slabs or pavements:

  • A unique high-density plastic sleeve and steel plate, with engineered spacing, optimizes the steel and geometry for efficient load SureBuilt Dowel Baskets are suitable for all types of ground level concrete slabs, such as jointed floors, flatwork and pavement.transfer.
  • The plate provides for maximum bearing, bending and punching resistance, while managing typical concrete curling and shrinking.
  • Considered to be an acceptable method in accordance with ACI 302.1R Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction and ACI 360 Design of Slabs-on-Ground.

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SureBuilt Floor Dowels from SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accs. on Vimeo.