The Best Sandwich Around

Starting with Basalt Truss

The low thermal conducting properties of Basalt Truss make it the very best way to build high-performance precast sandwich panels.

The truss connectors provide easy installation and great structural properties.

Two parallel rods are attached top and bottom to a zig-zag rod with plastic connectors at every intersection.

Foam insulation is placed between lengths of truss, connecting the top and bottom concrete panels.

Click here to learn more about Basalt Truss, then order the 7″x10′ or 9″x10′ size and make the best sandwich ever!

And Sandwich Panel Erection Anchors

The best sandwich panels are never complete without an efficient and safe way to pick them up.

Click here to learn more about the 8 Ton and 10 Ton Sandwich Panel Erection Anchors, available with or without a shear plate.

And Everything Else To Go With It

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