Renovate and Always be Rental-Ready!

Repair worn and damaged equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacement. The SureBuilt renovation team is ready to inspect, recondition and reface your concrete forming systems to original factory specifications and appearance.

Form renovation can be performed on steel-frame, plywood-face, handset systems, including the Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite, Symons Steel-Ply and SureBuilt SurePly brands.

Form renovation will include the following steps:

  • Remove plywood from frames
  • Inspect and sort frames
  • Spot-weld frames (incidental, only as needed)
  • Shot-blast frames
  • Powder-coat frames (12 standard color options)
  • Install new 1/2” Birch plywood or 1/2″ HDO plywood

Form renovation does not include:

  • Inbound or outbound freight charges
  • Replacement crossmembers, end rails, handles, etc.
  • Additional welding at hourly rate

If you prefer to renovate on your own, maybe when your crew has some downtime, then be sure to ask about frame-ready, cut-to-size birch plywood and attachment rivets. Contact your SureBuilt representative or fill out the Request a Quote form to learn more or get your forming equipment on the renovation schedule!