The WeldOn Pivot Bracket makes any one-sided wall forming job easier.

The bracket can be welded to steel piles, beams or embeds at tie elevations. The pivot adjustment, angled in either direction, aligns the coil rod with the forming system. When properly installed by a certified welder, the bracket exceeds the capacity of the pivot bar and coil rod.

The WeldOn Pivot Bracket consists of a slotted bent plate and threaded pivot bar. The coil rod matching the pivot bar and forming system is sold separately.

To insure proper tie capacity, the coil rod must thread through the pivot bar a minimum of one diameter of the rod. An easy way to accomplish this is to position the coil rod tie  perpendicular to the piling, then thread it through the bracket and pivot bar until it contacts the piling.

Contact your SureBuilt representative to discuss the details of the WeldOn Pivot Bracket for one-sided wall forming situations.