See You at the Tilt-Up Expo!

Everything From Brackets to Braces!

We’ll be in Tampa on September 19-21 for the Tilt-Up Expo 2023.  Plan to stop at the demo area and SureBuilt booth to learn about all the latest innovations, everything from simple Edge Form Brackets, to ECO Dowel Baskets, to high-capacity Modular Braces.

The wedge-shaped, 9×11 Edge Form Bracket can be nailed, screwed or glued to lumber and concrete. These brackets can also be stripped, stacked, saved and reused. Stop cutting and fumbling with lumber blocks and start forming panels faster.

The high-capacity Modular Brace requires 50% fewer braces for typical applications. Fewer braces reduce inventory needs, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time. Five basic components can be reconfigured into three different lengths, covering a range of panel heights.

If you can’t make it to the show, then click here for the Tilt-Up Forming catalog or contact your SureBuilt representative.



Tilt-Up Expo 2023

September 19-21

Tampa Convention Center

Tampa, FL