The Last One Standing

Every SureBuilt handset panel has a safety reminder label.

Is it Possible that SureBuilt is the Only Remaining All-USA Maker of Handset Forms?!

As more companies source panels in Asia and other companies shut down US production altogether, SureBuilt is still standing!

Maybe because it’s the only form with the following features:

  • High-carbon 55,000 PSI structural USA steel
  • Rugged frame with 45% more contact weld
  • Full 2”x2” crossmember support angle every foot
  • Added dado slots to make step footings easy
  • Integral handle for carrying and setting
  • Baked-on powder paint in 12 optional colors
  • Long-lasting 1/2” Birch plywood with 220/220 overlay

    The safety reminder label keeps everyone on the site properly informed.

  • Safety reminder label on every panel
  • Panels in heights from 3’ to 10’, width 24”
  • Fillers in heights from 3’ to 10’, widths 1” to 22”

Or maybe because it’s an American form, made by American metalworkers, for American contractors and their crews.

Or maybe because it’s compatible with other handset systems, including Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite and Symons Steel-Ply.

Click here for the SurePly information, then call your SureBuilt representative right now for USA pricing and USA availability.