SureBuilt Adding Tilt-Up Engineering Services


[Bellwood, IL – May 9, 2018] In response to increasing contractor demand for its tilt-up products, SureBuilt is adding engineering services for project application support. Tom Fahey, owner and CEO, announced these services will be located in the new SureBuilt warehouse and manufacturing facility at 1851 Massaro Avenue in Tampa, FL.

The services, called SureBuilt Engineering Services, will be managed by Dave Reardon, an industry professional with more than 30 years of concrete construction experience, including tilt-up expertise in the Florida market. He will be directing a team of uniquely qualified designers who are already familiar with tilt-up specification, engineering and construction practices.

Dave stated, “The industry is always looking for fresh ideas, innovative products, and value-added services. SureBuilt is looking to introduce these types of industry changing ideas through an offering of enhanced engineering services. Our mission is to provide the contractor and supplier the tools to improve and expedite the construction process.”

To that end, we have established a new tilt-up brace production line for 42’ and 52’ sizes to meet growing demand. This line will help us achieve and maintain the required quality in a high-production environment. Of course, all SureBuilt tilt-up braces conform to the latest TCA and AISC guidelines.

Dave added, “Our goal is to support our distribution in their efforts to deliver products and services that will benefit the contractor. Our collaborative efforts should always ensure each project is a success.”

While the new SureBuilt Engineering Services group is immediately responsible for tilt-up projects throughout North America, they also will be coordinating activities with an expanding form, shoring and stud rail engineering group at SureBuilt headquarters in Bellwood, IL.

SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories is an innovation and productivity leader for the concrete construction industry. With 320,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing space and 10 acres of outdoor storage, SureBuilt is well-positioned for growth. Located near Chicago, SureBuilt can supply “Made in USA” products and services throughout North America.


For more information about SureBuilt Engineering Services, please call Dave Reardon at 813-606-5727 or email

For information about SureBuilt tilt-up products, please call Rens Hansort at 708-493-9569 x227 or email

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