It’s Okay to be Square

A better way to stabilize construction joints in
existing-to-new concrete
floors and flatwork.

E2N Square Dowel and Tube

The E2N Square Dowel and Tube is designed for joint activation and horizontal movement of existing-to-new concrete, without restraint.

The E2N Square Dowel and Tube has compressible foam on both sides of the 3/4” square steel dowel protected by a plastic tube. This allows new adjacent concrete to “shrink” to the existing concrete, without the dowel causing any incidental damage.

The illustration to the right shows the load transfer on square bars compared to round bars. A square bar transfer the load directly down into the concrete, eliminating any splitting stresses.

Square bars also have greater resistance to bending, reducing edge and corner “curling” without increasing the amount of steel.

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