Learn more at the Tilt-Up Expo in Atlanta!

Innovative Tilt-Up Products

We plan on being in Atlanta for the TCA 2019 International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in September. And we’re featuring more innovative tilt-up products to make your projects go even faster.

Stop by the SureBuilt exhibit, Booth #203, to learn how we’re tilting things in your favor. Here are just a few of the products you’ll see:

SureLift (SL) InsertAn effective panel lifting insert that develops high pull-out strength. A disposable plastic void former identifies the cap location and keeps concrete out of the recess. Slide-on plastic feet provide height adjustment and eliminate surface corrosion.

Slant AnchorA unique assembly that connects tilt-up panels to the foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and prepackaged Flowable Grout… no welding or bolting required!.

Edge ConnectorA rebar-winged embed positioned at the panel edge (for later welding) and tied into the panel reinforcing steel… the “flat” provides for an accessible and longer welding surface between adjoining panels!

Edge Form BracketThe one-piece plastic design is molded with a triangular strut to support the panel edge during concrete placement… so stop cutting lumber for bracing  and start forming faster with this reusable bracket!

HGA BracketA quick connection point between helical ground anchors (HGA) and tilt-up braces. The Pipe Brace shoes bolt directly to the bracket and the sleeve attaches to the ground anchor… no need to disassemble Pipe Braces!

And be sure to ask about SureBuilt Engineering Services… we’re ready to help with plans,  specifications and panel details on tilt-up projects throughout North America.

Don’t Mesh Around… Get Metal Rib!Metal Rib - Stay in place Form

It’s time to give your customers a sample of Metal Rib and see how creative they can be. Here are just a few ideas to get them thinking:

– Easy to cut, lap, splice, bend and pierce; adapts to all kinds of forming, like footings, bulkheads, grade beams and pier caps.

– Saves time because the sheet remains in place, only the bracing is removed, eliminating form stripping.

Concrete Construction - Metal Rib Stay Form

– Simplifies forming joints so rebar operations can continue, or be revised, with minimal obstructions.

– Can be tied to existing rebar in structures, like grade beams and pier caps, to eliminate temporary supports.

– Provides a quick-to-install joint option in the event of ready-mix interruption or other unanticipated problems.

Make sure you always have Metal Rib leave-in-place mesh on hand. Add a skid to your next shipment.