When is Coil Rod not needed on a forming job?!SureBuilt Coil Threaded Rod for Concrete Forming

Coil Rod is used for a variety of forming applications, including form ties, inner units and Coil Tie combinations. So why wouldn’t you have every size in stock?! And you should probably have Euro Rod in stock, as well.

It’s one of those items contractors expect you to always have on hand because it can be used in so many different forming situations.

It’s available in standard 12′ lengths, and in all the typical diameters. It’s also available cut-to-size, with optional left-hand thread, or even galvanized.

And don’t forget, you may need Flat Washers and Coil Nuts to complete the package.

Contact your SureBuilt representative right now and add a supply of Coil Rod and Euro Rod to your next shipment.


Proudly manufactured in Bellwood, IL.

With Bridge Forming Products from SureBuilt!

Bridge Overhang BracketsSureBuilt's Bridge Overhang Bracket is an adjustable overhang deck support for both structural steel and precast concrete beams

The Bridge Overhang Bracket adjusts to fit both structural steel and precast concrete beams. The size and shape of the bracket is adjusted by changing the vertical and diagonal legs to meet the specific overhang forming requirements.

A Bracket Extension for wider overhangs, Guard Rail Receptacle for 2×4 uprights, and Wall Plate for wall mounting, are options adding to bracket versatility.

Exterior Hangers

Exterior and interior hangers are used for bridge deck concrete forming

Exterior Hangers generally use two types of end clips, a 45-degree end to support the overhang and a 90-degree end to support the interior. Hangers must always support the live load, dead load, forming load and/or finishing load.

There are several types of Exterior Hangers, including the Type 1-A, 2-A, 3-A, 4-A, 7-A, 8-A and 9-A, plus all the Half Hanger versions.

Interior Hangers

Interior Hangers are placed on top of the interior beams. Two 90-degree end clips support the surebuilt bridge deck hangerssuspended formwork between the beams. Hangers must always support the live load, dead load, forming load and/or finishing load.

There are several types of Interior Hangers, including the Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, plus all the Half Hanger versions.

Download the Bridge Forming brochure to learn more.


Proudly manufactured in Bellwood, IL.

New SureBuilt dowel products

SureBuilt is penetrating a new sector of the concrete construction industry with the introduction of engineered joint stability systems for concrete floors. New dowel products from SureBuilt include the diamond-shaped Taper Dowel, Dowel Basket, and Steel Edge Nosing. High-traffic concrete floors and pavements require precise load transfer, smooth transition and joint protection. These requirements can be satisfied with these new joint stability systems.

The Taper Dowel is a diamond-shaped, engineered load transfer system for horizontal movement in concrete floor joints. The Dowel Basket is a wire and plate dowel assembly for efficient load transfer in concrete floor and pavement contraction joints. The Steel Edge Nosing is a free movement joint with a heavy duty steel edge to protect contraction joints in high traffic floors.

In industrial and commercial buildings, a critical design component is the long-term serviceability of a concrete floor slab. The rapid change in the logistics industry from larger, cushioned wheels to smaller, harder wheels on lift-trucks has greatly increased the problem of joint spalling in warehouse, retail, and manufacturing facilities. Spalled joints or cracks can significantly disrupt productivity, require expensive repair, and make facilities less desirable to potential new owners or tenants. A design that delivers proper joint stability and support is key to minimizing spalling and cracking in a concrete floor that is subject to wheeled traffic. Industry guidelines all recommend the use of load-transfer devices, such as dowels, in concrete floors with lift-truck traffic.


Just Build the Size You Need!

The end plates on each Butt Plate Waler have holes for full-moment, end-to-end connection. It’s easy to build the Waler you need.

Butt Plate Walers are available in 2′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths. The possible Waler size combinations are enough for almost any gang.

Contractors put together lots of gangs, but they don’t always have the Waler size they need… the one thing that maximizes their productivity!

Click here for more on Walers, contact your SureBuilt representative for pricing and availability, and start building the Walers you need.