Unique anchor provides simple panel-to-foundation connection without welding or bolting

The Slant Anchor assembly connects tilt-up or precast panels to the foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and pre-packaged Grout. […]

SureBuilt Dowel Baskets being used on a concrete construction project in Lakeland, Florida

Dowel Baskets After Dark!

These Dowel Baskets are part of the new Lakeland Dragstrip Commercial Park in Florida. The basket provides the load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition needed for this 700,000 square foot project.

The site, now under construction, takes it’s name from an old drag strip that had been located on the property.

The patent-pending plastic sleeve allows movement and the steel plate provides bearing capacity, without the risk of slab interlock and cracking, to assure a high-quality slab.

Quick product availability from SureBuilt, in the size needed, made all the difference for T&T Construction, the contractor on this fast-paced project.

SureBuilt has Dowels suitable for all kinds of ground level concrete, including floors, slabs and pavements.

SurePly Handset Forming System. The most economical, most versatile, and most efficient way to form concrete!

Is it possible that SureBuilt is the only remaining all-USA maker of handset forms?!

As more companies source panels in Asia and other companies shut down US production altogether, SureBuilt is still standing!

Maybe because it’s the only form with the following features:

  • High-carbon 55,000 PSI structural USA steel
  • Rugged frame with 45% more contact weld
  • Full 2”x2” crossmember support angle every foot
  • Added dado slots to make step footings easy
  • Integral handle for carrying and setting
  • Baked-on powder paint in 12 optional colors
  • Long-lasting 1/2” Birch plywood with 220/220 overlay
  • Safety reminder label on every panel
  • Panels in heights from 3’ to 10’, width 24”
  • Fillers in heights from 3’ to 10’, widths 1” to 22”

Or maybe because it’s an American form, made by American metalworkers, for American contractors and their crews.

Or maybe because it’s compatible with other handset systems, including Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite and Symons Steel-Ply.

Click here for the SurePly information, then call your SureBuilt representative right now for USA pricing and USA availability.

SureBuilt Heavy Duty Tilt-Up Braces

We’re glad to hear our 52′ Modular Braces performed when it counted most, as an earthquake hit Utah while Frontline Concrete‘s team was on site at their latest tilt-up project.

Appreciate the mention and honest feedback!

Presented by GluDown, Inc.

(Tilt-Up Construction Adhesives)

SureBuilt Concrete Forms and Accessories Bellwood IL USA Factory

Just Let Us Know How We Can Help!

As we all adapt to the new, and hopefully temporary, conditions created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know we’re open for business.

Construction has been identified as an essential industry by most government entities so we’re making the necessary arrangements to answer your calls and ship what you need.

At the same time, we’re practicing all the safety guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and public health agencies. Please do the same.

And as always, contact your local SureBuilt location, or Customer Service in Bellwood, at 708-493-9569, for more information.

SureBuilt Stud Rail is a DSA reinforcement system, typically used for concrete deck-to-column connections

The Stud Rail is Inside!

Projects from around the country have Stud Rail as part of the concrete substructure. Shouldn’t we be featuring a job, big or small, from your market area sometime soon?!

One Chicago Mixed-Use Development

  • Chicago, IL

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

  • New York, NY

Loews Kansas City Hotel

  • Kansas City, MO

Vista Tower and Hotel

  • Chicago, IL

Village Park Senior Living

  • Atlanta, GA

Reve Boulder Mixed-Use Development

  • Boulder, CO

Frisco Square Mixed-Use Development

  • Frisco, TX

Stud Rail is a double-headed stud anchor (DSA) reinforcement system, typically used for concrete deck-to-column connections. The system is designed to transfer load further into the concrete deck, create a larger shear area, and resist punching shear forces.

Using the Stud Rail system can eliminate the need for column capitals or drop heads. This can provide significant contractor savings, since these column details are difficult to form and place.

One Chicago

One Chicago SureBuilt Stud Rail DSA Concrete Construction Job

Javits Center

Jacob K. Javits Center Expansion Project Used SureBuilt's Stud Rail DSA Reinforcement System

Vista Tower

Vista Tower Chicago Mchugh Concrete SureBuilt Stud Rail DSA

Village Park

Village Park Senior Living Project Used SureBuilt Stud Rail DSA System supplied by CMC Rebar

Reve Boulder

Reve Boulder Structural Concrete Slabs Reinforced Around Columsn with SureBuilt Stud Rail DSA

SureBuilt is a U.S.A. manufacturer of concrete accessories

See All 320,000 Square Feet of USA Production!

Concrete construction products have been made at our Bellwood, IL factory for more than 40 years. With more than 320,000 square feet under roof, there has been room to change and grow.

We always seem to be installing new equipment and updating existing work cells, making our ongoing “Made in USA” mission more efficient, effective and competitive.

The next time you’re planning to be near Chicago, just let us know so you can schedule a tour. You’ll be amazed at the size of our plant, skill of our team, and number of products we ship every day!

If you won’t be in the area anytime soon, then you can get a good idea of everything we do by watching some of the SureBuilt video collection.

Made in the USA Construction Products

Call the #1 USA Manufacturer Right Now!

American products… made by American metalworkers… for American contractors and their crews!

We make thousands of concrete construction products, some you already know and others you need to learn more about:

Floor Dowels (new doweling systems)

Stud Rail (column-to-deck reinforcement)

Taper Ties (for most gangform systems)

Walers (butt plate and double channel)

SurePly (handset forming system)

Staybox (rebar splicing system)

Form Ties (for almost any system)

Snap Ties (for plywood forming)

Coil Rod (multi-purpose forming)

Metal Rib (expanded metal mesh)

Steel Stakes (multi-purpose forming)

Tilt-Up (including engineering services)

Pipe Braces (big sizes, quick turnaround)

Window Wells (wells, ladders and grates)

Positioning dowels with lumber edge forms is easy with the plastic Dowel Sleeve and Nailing Plate.

Take a Look at All the Options!

Your customers will be floored by the new dowel and joint systems for concrete slabs and pavements. Stop searching for suppliers and call SureBuilt right now!

Taper Dowels

The diamond-shape Taper Dowel provides concrete joint stability, reliable load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement. The plastic sleeve is nailed to lumber edge forms before concrete placement and the steel plate slides into the sleeve after the forms are removed.

Dowel Baskets

The Dowel Basket is a cost-effective assembly for large-scale floors and pavements. Each twelve-foot assembly is built to match the dowel spacing shown in the project specifications. The plastic sleeve allows movement and the flat plate provides maximum bearing and smooth slab-to-slab transition.

Steel Edge Nosing

High-traffic industrial floors and pavements require precise load transfer, joint stability and joint protection. These requirements are met with an assembly that includes the steel edge, studs, dowel plates and full-depth channel. The leave-in-place design eliminates conventional slab edge forming costs.

Dowel Sleeves – Construction Joint (CJ)

Positioning dowels with lumber edge forms is easy with the plastic Dowel Sleeve and Nailing Plate. The plate is simply nailed to the form and the sleeve is pushed onto the plate. When the lumber edge forms are removed, a smooth steel dowel is placed into the exposed sleeve for the adjoining concrete slab.

Dowel Sleeves – Expansion Joint (EJ)

Positioning dowels with leave-in-place expansion board, like cedar or polypropylene, is easy with this Dowel Sleeve. Expansion boards are pre-drilled for proper spacing and the sleeves are snapped into place. The integrated collar tabs keep each sleeve in position and perpendicular to the board face.

Diamond-Shaped Taper DowelThe size and diamond-shape of the Taper Dowel provides joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement.

The size and diamond-shape of the Taper Dowel provides joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement.

A set includes the void sleeve, nails and dowel plate. The sleeve is nailed to a lumber edge form before concrete placement. After the form is removed, a dowel plate is inserted into each sleeve in preparation for the adjoining slab.

The Taper Dowel is recommended for joints up to 0.20” wide and is suitable for all types of grade-level concrete floors, slabs or pavements. A properly installed Taper Dowel minimizes joint spalling, eliminates tripping hazards and improves joint filler appearance.

The Taper Dowel conforms to the ACI 302.1R Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction and ACI 360 Design of Slabs-on-Ground.

Contact a SureBuilt representative for more information about the Taper Dowel and other Floor Dowel and Joint Systems.