Dowel Sleeve – Construction Data Sheet

Used with lumber edge forms to accurately position smooth steel dowels at a construction joint

Straight Leg Anchor Data Sheet

Tilt-up wall lifting insert designed for back shipping and rotating panels

Dowel Basket Data Sheet

Plate dowel assembly for efficient load transfer in concrete floors and pavements

Square Dowel Data Sheet

An engineered load transfer system for horizontal movement in concrete slabs

Double Tee Anchor Data Sheet

Designed for lifting precast double tees and eliminating the job site costs of removal associated with stand lifters

SPAN-X Beam Data Sheet

Telescoping aluminum beam design is adjustable for clear spans and deck support

Construction Adhesive Data Sheet

Pressure-sensitive adhesive for positioning materials in tilt-up beds. Authorized GluDown Distributor

Snap Tie Data Sheet

Ties and brackets, with 3/4” plywood and 2×4 lumber, create a simple and effective forming system

Column Base Connector Data Sheet

Quickly position and bolt pre-engineered precast concrete columns in place

Color Options Data Sheet

Baked-on powder coating provides a smooth, durable, and more weather-resistant finish