A structural precast insert that pivots open to provide a connecting point

This unique structural insert, when postioned and reinforced in precast elements, acts as a corbel and provides the connection points for subsequent panel cladding.

The SureClad Lock is retracted and covered during concrete placement. Once positioned and reinforced, there are no other forming requirements.

Download the SureClad Lock pdf here

Unique anchor provides simple panel-to-foundation connection without welding or bolting.

The Slant Anchor is an assembly used to connect tilt-up or precast panels to a foundation. The assembly includes a load-rated Slant Anchor, foam Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and prepackaged Flowable Grout.

The Slant Anchor is an integral part of the panel design and planning. The anchor is positioned and reinforced in each panel during concrete forming operations. The foam Void Former covers the connection sleeve.

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Expanded metal sheet for leave-in-place concrete forming applications

This leave-in-place sheet is typically used to form footings, bulkheads, grade beams, pile caps and blindside walls. The expanded metal sheets are easy to cut, lap, splice, bend and pierce, minimizing related forming costs. When concrete is placed, the ribs and mesh are embedded in the structure, providing a rough surface for subsequent concrete placement.

  • Reduces labor and material costs compared to traditional forming methods for wall joints and “buried” applications.
  • Saves cycle time because the sheet remains in place, only supports and bracing are removed, and form stripping is eliminated.
  • Allows concrete placement to be visually monitored, reducing the risk of voids and “honeycombing.”
  • Simpli esformjointsandpiercingssorebar operations can continue, or be revised, with minimal obstructions.
  • Provides a quick-to-install joint option in the event of schedule change, ready-mix interruption or other unanticipated problem.
  • Utilizes the existing rebar in structures, like grade beams and pier caps, to eliminate placing and removing temporary supports.
  • Eliminates the cost associated with handling, setting, stripping and cleaning conventional formwork.

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