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Pick Up the Pace

Use a Modular Brace The high-capacity Modular Brace means 50% fewer braces for many typical tilt-up applications. Of course, fewer braces reduce brace inventory, job site handling, panel attachment and dismantling time. Here are a few other things being mentioned: “The 42’ to 62’ Modular Brace lengths are the real “sweet spot” and make the most sense. […]

Get the Waler You Need

A Waler for Every Forming System Contractors put together lots of gangs, but they don’t always have the Waler they need… the one thing that maximizes productivity! Walers are used to align panels, carry taper tie loads and maximize the surface area of each gang. Depending on the type of panel and contractor preference, there are […]

It Ain’t Bragging if You Made It Happen

Share Your Success Story! Do you have a SureBuilt product success story to share with your industry colleagues and other dealer outlets? Do you have a customer who insists on using SureBuilt products because of their value and performance? Then you have a story to tell. Send me a few pics and some of the […]

Surely you could use some training.

SureBuilt Training 101 provides classroom and hands-on product education of the most common concrete construction products. This week Terry Frank and Chuck Webster are training Janell Concrete & Masonry Equipment. Request a date for SureBuilt 101 Concrete Construction Product training at surebuilt-usa.com/contact

Have a Seat… I Mean a Chair

Plastic Chairs for Rebar and Mesh Support The Slab-On-Grade Chair, sometimes called a castle chair or bar chair, supports rebar and mesh at the proper elevation during concrete placement. The all-plastic, conical chair design will not corrode and supports up to 500 lbs without collapsing. Each chair accommodates two forming heights with just a quarter-turn, […]

Did You Miss The Precast Show?

That’s Okay, You Can Always Call Surebuilt While it’s great to visit face-to-face, we know you can’t always make it to The Precast Show when you have orders to fill. Just give us a call, we’re ready to help with most of the things you’re using every day. Here are just a few of the […]

Don’t Fall Flat

Plate Washers for Heavy Ties Whether you call them Flat Washers, Plate Washers or Bearing Plates, we have all the washer sizes you need for concrete forming. Flat Washers are used to transfer tie loads to form frames, walers and/or strongbacks. Just match the capacity of the tie, nut and washer. There are Flat Washers […]

The Precast Show 2024

See You in Denver! We’re looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones… stop by SureBuilt, booth 2213, to say hello! Just give us a call, we’re ready to help with most of the things you’re using every day. Here are just a few of the items:   Anchor Rail (hanging system subsequent conduit or […]

A Tisket, A Tasket

Call SureBuilt for Your Basket! We know how to make ’em… and we’re already making a lot of ’em… so start blitzing your market right now! A properly installed Dowel Basket provides joint stability and load transfer, in a single cost-effective assembly. You’ll be surprised by all the product sales opportunities hiding in concrete floors, slabs […]

SureBuilt is at the World of Concrete

Stop By Booth N711 and Say Hello! We’re looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones… stop by SureBuilt, booth N711, to meet the team! We’re displaying some products you may be familiar with and featuring some new ones that you certainly need to become acquainted with: SurePly (handset forming system) Stud Rail (column-to-deck reinforcement) […]