Window Wells

Window Wells allow air, sunlight and access to a basement or below-grade space by acting as a barrier to the surrounding backfill. Each corrugated well is made using 18-gauge galvanized steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

The top and bottom edges are formed and rolled over to eliminate sharp edges and support a person standing on a ladder or grate. Fasteners are installed through the pre-punched key-hole slots on the flanges.

Standard heights for egress include 48”, 60” and 72” tall wells. Other sizes are available on request.

HD Egress Escape Ladders

The HD Egress Ladder is designed for emergency situations. The HD Egress Ladder can be used to escape from the basement or as an access option for emergency personnel. The hooked ends of the ladder hang over the rim of the Window Well, supporting the ladder in the well.

IRC code requires ladders in wells deeper than 44”. Standard HD Egress Ladders are 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths.

Area Well Grates

High quality, Grates keep people and objects from falling into the SureBuilt Egress Window Well. Rebar Grates are made of rolled angle iron steel, and welded steel safety bars.

Premium mesh grates are also available to keep leaves and other large debris out of the Window Well.

Gray, white, and coppervein finishes available, additional charges may apply.

Window Buck (Jambs and Heads)

The SureBuilt Window Buck comes pre-manufactured for easy installation using wood face or aluminum concrete forming systems. Two Heads and two Jambs are required for each Window Buck assembly. Each Window Buck is quickly assembled by inserting the Head tabs into the Jamb slots, then bending the tabs over. Each Jamb has 4 built-in form tie slots that are 3 feet on center. The buck is made using 18-gauge galvanized steel, with a white finish to match the Window Well and HD Egress Escape Ladder.

An assembled Window Buck is positioned and braced in between concrete forms prior to a concrete foundation being poured. A basement or below grade window is installed in the opening that is created by the Window Buck.

SureBuilt Heavy Duty Egress Window Well Escape Ladder
Egress Window Well Cover - Grate with Rebar
Egress Window Buck Assembly