Bringing American Manufacturing Jobs Back Home

SureBuilT Metals & Manufacturing is centrally located in Bellwood, IL. We’re just outside of Chicago,  the center of the transportation and shipping industries. We ship from coast to coast.

We operate a 320,000 SQFT turnkey manufacturing plant that specializes in concrete forms & accessories.

Our Most Important Asset

Our most important asset, hands down, is our staff. Without skilled people, who are dedicated and hardworking, no manufacturing plant can survive in the U.S. today. Many of our senior management remember the days when the U.S. was a powerhouse in manufacturing — when Detroit was a prosperous city, when men and woman who worked the highly skilled factory jobs were enormously respected for the part they played in making their company, and their country, successful. Without people who take pride in their work, without a management that is dedicated to making a manufacturing plant competitive with foreign imports, without the goal to “bring manufacturing back home to the U.S.A.”, it can’t be done.

U.S. Quality at Competitive Prices

We’re constantly hearing that the U.S. manufacturers simply can’t compete, and that foreign imports, which are often subsidized by their governments, are putting every last one of us out of business, but we refuse to kowtow to that notion. We’re very close to foreign import prices, and it has taken some serious work to accomplish this feat. We’ve had to work harder, think smarter, and become more efficient. Give us a chance to bid on your scaffold, shoring, steel tubing, tubular fence & gates, general fabrication and galvanizing needs, and we’ll do our best to make it worthwhile for you to buy American.

Main Office
SureBuilT Manufacturing
840 South 25th Ave.
Bellwood, IL 60104
(708) 493-9569

SureBuilT Manufacturing
301 W. Foxshire Lane
Houston, TX 77053