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Stack the Deck…

With Bridge Forming Products from SureBuilt! Bridge Overhang Brackets The Bridge Overhang Bracket adjusts to fit both structural steel and precast concrete beams. The size and shape of the bracket is adjusted by changing the vertical and diagonal legs to meet the specific overhang forming requirements. A Bracket Extension for wider overhangs, Guard Rail Receptacle for […]

From the Ground Floor Up!

New SureBuilt dowel products SureBuilt is penetrating a new sector of the concrete construction industry with the introduction of engineered joint stability systems for concrete floors. New dowel products from SureBuilt include the diamond-shaped Taper Dowel, Dowel Basket, and Steel Edge Nosing. High-traffic concrete floors and pavements require precise load transfer, smooth transition and joint […]

Big Gangs… Big Walers!

Just Build the Size You Need! The end plates on each Butt Plate Waler have holes for full-moment, end-to-end connection. It’s easy to build the Waler you need. Butt Plate Walers are available in 2′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths. The possible Waler size combinations are enough for almost any gang. Contractors put […]

Your Forms… Your Color!

Just About Any Color! Contractors often have their trucks and other vehicles marked with a logo and painted in the company color. So why wouldn’t they want their forming and shoring equipment to match?! The powder-coated equipment  becomes part of the contractor’s “fleet” and visible on every project in town. SureBuilt is powder-coating products in […]

Join the Gang…

With Heavy Form Ties! Your customers are using all kinds of gangform systems… make sure they know you can supply all kinds of Heavy Ties! You can make sure they get the best possible gangform productivity with the right tie… just contact SureBuilt for the types, sizes and capacities your customers need. Check the Price […]

Not Spandex… SPAN-X!

Telescoping Aluminum SPAN-X Beams! The SPAN-X Beam consists of an aluminum box shape with a telescoping I-beam that provides a sliding range of adjustment. A single Nut sets the length and camber. The End Tabs support the beam during construction. This self-spanning support can be positioned along the top of a concrete wall, shelf angle […]

Bolster More Customer Support!

Keep Rebar Off the Deck! Slab Bolster is used to support rebar and mesh at the proper elevation in concrete slabs. The legs are spaced 5” on-center and spot-welded to resist bending. When a runner wire is spot-welded to the feet along the full length it becomes Slab Bolster Upper. This provides support on soft […]

Oh Well, That’s Just Grate…

Need a Way Out?! Do the building codes in your area require residential basements to have an escape window? If the answer is yes, then you should be supplying the contractors in your area with SureBuilt window wells and accessories. Window Wells allow air, sunlight and access to a basement or below-grade space by acting […]

Pipe Dream?

Or Pipe Reality! Are you tired of listening to other suppliers “explain” why it takes so long to get pipe braces delivered? Do you find it hard to believe that other suppliers can be ten or more weeks out on deliveries? Stop waiting! We build more sizes, ship more often, and supply more jobs, than just […]

Join the Panel Discussion!

Be a Concrete Form Panel Expert! A handset panel is the most economical, the most versatile, and the most efficient way of forming large or small projects! Here are just a few of the more noteworthy features you should be sharing with your customers: Rated 1000 PSF System With nearly 20% more weld contact, SurePly […]