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Night Moves…

Dowel Baskets After Dark! These Dowel Baskets are part of the new Lakeland Dragstrip Commercial Park in Florida. The basket provides the load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition needed for this 700,000 square foot project. […]

The Last One Standing?!

Is it possible that SureBuilt is the only remaining all-USA maker of handset forms?! As more companies source panels in Asia and other companies shut down US production altogether, SureBuilt is still standing! […]

SureBuilt Tilt-Up Braces – Concrete & Coffee Podcast

We’re glad to hear our 52′ Modular Braces performed when it counted most, as an earthquake hit Utah while Frontline Concrete‘s team was on site at their latest tilt-up project. Appreciate the mention and honest feedback! Presented by GluDown, Inc. (Tilt-Up Construction Adhesives) […]

Ready When You Are!

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: As we all adapt to the new, and hopefully temporary, conditions created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know that SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories is OPEN FOR BUSINESS to supply essential infrastructure and construction work nationwide. *** IMPORTANT: Construction Industry Notice *** […]

It’s What You Don’t See!

SureBuilt Stud Rail is a double-headed stud anchor (DSA) reinforcement system, typically used for concrete deck-to-column connections. The Stud Rail DSA Reinforcement System is designed to transfer loads further in to the concrete deck, create a larger shear area around each column, and resist punching shear forces. […]

You’re Invited!

See All 320,000 Square Feet of USA Production! Concrete construction products have been made at our Bellwood, IL factory for more than 40 years. With more than 320,000 square feet under roof, there has been room to change and grow. We always seem to be installing new equipment and updating existing work cells, making our […]

Why Wait For China?!

Call SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories, the #1 U.S.A. Manufacturer Right Now! American products… made by American metalworkers… for American contractors and their crews! We make thousands of concrete construction products, some of which you’re probably already familiar with and others that you definitely should learn more about […]

You’ll be Floored!

Take A Look At All The Options! New dowel and joint systems for engineered load-transfer in concrete slabs and pavement. Stop searching for suppliers and call SureBuilt right now! Taper “Diamond” Dowels, Dowel Baskets, Round “Smooth” Dowel Sleeves (Construction and Expansion Joint Type), Steel Edge Nosing, Square Dowels […]

A Real Gem!

Diamond-Shaped Taper Dowel The size and diamond-shape of the Taper Dowel provides joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement. A set includes the void sleeve, nails and dowel plate. The sleeve is nailed to a lumber edge form before concrete placement. After the form is removed, a dowel plate is […]

The Sparks are Flying!

New Dowel Basket for Slabs! We know how to make ’em… and we’re making a lot of ’em… the sparks are really flying! The new Dowel Basket provides joint stability, load transfer and slab transition, in a single cost-effective assembly. You’ll be surprised by all the sales opportunities hiding in concrete floors and pavements. Dowel […]