Concrete Wall Forms

concrete forming productsSureBuilt takes great care to manufacture quality products that meet the concrete industry’s standards. Our concrete wall forms, forming systems and forming products fit the needs of the customer with excellent quality, delivery and even choice of colors to make your concrete forms and accessories distinctive to your company.

Concrete forming systems we offer include:


quick-form system

Increase productivity, workmanship and profits using fewer parts in less time.

QUICK-FORM is a ganged set panel system designed to provide completed forming and concrete placement cycles in 1/3 the time of conventional forming systems. Easy to set-up, easy to move and extremely durable — Quick-Form will help significantly reduce construction time and increase profits, wall accuracy and overall project safety

Forming Systems

Sure-Ply Handset Forming System


concrete forming systems

The most economical, versatile and efficient way of forming small and large projects, cut-up or complicated jobs. Made in Chicago, we guarantee only the best materials and workmanship for your construction needs.

  • 1000 psf allowable pressure
  • Standard 220/220 Birch Plywood 9-Ply (Flip it for double life) is riveted to the angle struts.
  • The same form can be handset or gang-formed
  • Handles are provided on panels for easy handling when setting and stripping forms
  • 8 additional dado slots make step footing easy
  • Bake-on powder paint, 12 standard colors
  • High carbon 55,000 PSI structural steel
  • Full 2” x 2” crossmember angle provides the best frame and plywood support on the market (45% more weld on the face leg than traditional forms)
  • Panels and fillers are available in heights from 3’ to 10’, width 1” to 36”
  • Adjustable Column Forms in 30” width

Self-Rising Core System

The Self-Rising Core System™ from SureBuilt allows you to construct high-rise cores faster and more efficiently than conventional form construction.

Completely self-sufficient, the Self-Rising Core System allows one lift of a building core every 2 – 3 days – without the need of your tower crane. Other phased activities stay on track and the overall project becomes more efficient and remains on schedule.

Slip Corners


The way contractors pour pier pads … JUST CHANGED!
Slip corners were developed to allow a contractor to strip an entire pad assembly, in one piece.
The top of the corners have built in lifting lugs.
When standard panels are bolted to the tapered corner, it automatically places the forms on a slight batter.
Because the forms are battered, they free themselves as they are lifted.
Slip corners are 3’ tall. You can either lay forms horizontally or stand 3’ forms up vertically.

Gang Forms


Fully Assembled Gang Forms – Butt Plate Walers

This form system can be built using H-20 or 6” aluminum beams. It is lite and can be built custom for your job requirements in our Bellwood Illinois location.

Radius Wall Forms

Articulated Adjustable Walers

Available for purchase or rent, the Radius Waler is designed to adjust easily from a 20” inside radius to a 180” radius without repacking or reassembling your gang form in a timely and cost effective manor.

Radius Waler (articulated) is excellent for circular concrete structures and other concrete walls that require the most cost-effective, labor saving method available. Can be used for concrete walls from 20’-0” to 180’-0”. The centering of the walers will determine the allowable form pressure that this system will withstand. 1200 PSF is commonly used. Field assembly is very fast and is accomplished with only a few workers. A simple template must be job built for setting the correct Inside Form Radius and Outside Form Radius. Forms are ready for use very soon after arrival at the jobsite. When conditions are possible, the Radius Waler can be assembled at the contractor’s facility and shipped on a flat bed. Modular tank forms also available. We pre-assemble all gang forms in our factory.

Forming Ties and Accessories

Light Forming Accessories

SureBuilt offers a variety of ties and accessories for light forming systems

  • Snap Ties – Standard and HD
  • Plywood Form Snap Ties
  • Coil Combination Ties
  • Strongback Ties
  • Footing Clips / Base Tie
  • Snap Tie Brackets & Tie Holders
  • Snap Tie Wrench
  • Snap Tie Cone Removal Tool
  • Single Liner Scaffold Brackets
  • Liner Lock Bracket
  • Liner Wedge Clamp
  • Shore Jack 4×4

Weld-On Pivot Bracket

Weld-on Pivot Bracket is designed to tie one sided forming to steel piles, metal beams, weld plates, etc. The pivot pin is furnished with coil thread, NC thread is available on special order.
The Weld-on Pivot Bracket allows the form tie a pivot range of 110° (55° each direction) and will exceed the tensile capacity of the form tie when properly installed by a certified welder.

Heavy Forming Accessories

Coil Ties and Accessories

Coil Bolts and Accessories

Heavy Ties and Accessories

Euro Ties and Accessories

Get Your Concrete Forming Products Needs Met.


U.S. Quality Concrete Forms & Accessories at Competitive Prices

We’re constantly hearing that the U.S. manufacturers simply can’t compete on concrete forms and accessories, and that foreign imports, which are often subsidized by their governments, are putting every last one of us out of business, but we refuse to bow to that notion. We’re very close to foreign import prices, and it has taken some serious work to accomplish this feat. We’ve had to work harder, think smarter, and become more efficient. Give us a chance to bid on your project.


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